It’s with joy that I wish to acknowledge the Father for the experience of the out pouring of his
love and care for us daily. On Sunday 13 th after the Man of God taught on the State of Our
Union, he gave a word of knowledge about someone suffering from a stiff neck. I did not
immediately picture myself in it, although I had been suffering from stiffness on one side of
my neck. I had become use to the situation and I would always massage my neck and try to
turn it around whenever I felt the pains. It persisted and I didn’t consider it as something
serious. I later noticed that I had not massaged my neck. That was when I remembered that
the Man of God prayed for someone with a stiff neck. I began to thank God and since that
Sunday, I have not massaged my neck neither do I feel any pain.
I wish to appreciate the Man of God for these words of life, healing and restoration that flow
each time we gather. I am grateful to know that the Father knows us specifically and
administers his life to us, even when we seem not to pay attention. His plan is always working
out perfectly. Thank you so much Man and Woman of God. My heart is full of joy.


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