Understanding Prayer as a Loving Communion with the Father and Not a Fight

When I initially heard the word of the year (declared by Dr. Shawn Smith), I was expecting the unveiling of each month to be without tribulation or challenge but I rejoice because even in the midst of many storms, the Father gave me His peace and His assurance through which I was able to surmount and exit every opposition without scars. I am now certain of the Father’s deep love for me and for others. In fact, I have found my uniqueness in Him.

I used to be labelled a “prayer warrior” by people in my neighbourhood but I have learnt to appreciate prayer as a loving communion with my Father and not a fight. He made me a son, one with Him, steward over all. So, there is absolutely no need for me to fight, compete or try to prove my worth to others. Amazingly, when I learnt to rest and was finally tired of fighting, the things I desired the most became a reality. They were freely given to me as a gift which left me in awe and thankful every time. It is not by might nor by power but it is by the spirit of the Lord. I discovered that I was actually fighting in fear but now my silence emanates from a place of complete peace and assurance.

I thank God for Apostles Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith because through the gospel of grace expounded by them, I receive faith and enjoy my place as a son, as a co-heir with Christ. I eagerly await for the days and years to come because once again, I grow in the knowledge of Christ but more so the knowledge of myself.

Thank you Father for your love, peace as well as my coherence with you.


South Africa

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