I thank God for the opportunity that he has granted me to bear witness of his extreme and
immeasurable bounty and generosity in Christ Jesus our lord and savior. So many words of
blessings, training and equipping from the man of God. What I can say? In all humility, the word
has been made alive in us. It is palpable and experienced in all aspects of my life, and extended
to my family and entourage. I have been healed from a tumor, experienced the miraculous
resolution of situations out of which I could not even imagine how to find the solution. In each
situation, all I needed to do without struggling, was to repeat the same words I heard from the
man of God in those cases. I experienced the life of Christ Jesus beyond mere life.
In this year 2022, I have understood through the gospel proclaimed by the man of God that
beyond things, it is God himself that we have inherited. He is forging his state of being in us. I
have learned through the teachings to receive the word as God himself. I have understood at my
level the importance of the church, perceiving it as God’s own idea as Dr. Shawn Smith taught
us. The reason we are taught and equipped for the work of ministry, the community we form in
Christ, the reason why we gather as the church and family of God within this commission
overseen by the man and woman of God, perceiving them as those sent, is the reason I cannot
cease giving thanks to God for them. They are a gift of life from which flows the life of Christ
Jesus. This gives me a reason and purpose to live daily.
I cannot conclude without testifying of the divine healing I have received. Being a medical
doctor till date, I am amazed by God as I know what science cannot do. On August 5 th , 2018 I got
healed from a painful lump growing on my left pectoral muscle. It miraculously disappeared
after the woman of God declared: “Whatever disease or condition you have, it leaves your body”.
August 11 th 2018, there was a confirmation from the man of God who said: “God does not give
us things in instalments”. I was healed from a congenital deficiency (G6PD deficiency) which
did not make me a whole son of God, neither was the Father glorified in that condition. Ever
since I am more than healthy and alive! Abba Father.
I thank God for the gift of love that Their Excellences are to us. I am thankful to God for the
strong community that we form in Christ Jesus, and I believe that there is much more in Christ as
declared by the man of God ahead of us to experience. Glory be to Christ Jesus.

Joseph, Dakar Senegal.

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